Community Updates

June 17, 2022

Happy Friday, hunters!

There may not have been a stream this week, but wow, were we pumped to share some exciting news.


In case you missed it:

Revontuli Coast is coming to all platforms on June 28th! With 19 animal species, a reworked waterfowl system, and more, we can’t wait to see you jump in and explore the Reserve for yourselves. We’ll also have an updated Patch Notes and Known Issues List to share upon release.

In other news, Troy came back to tell us how and why Finland became the location for theHunter: Call of the Wild’s upcoming reserve. Read the Developer Diary here.


Next week:

Something that’s sure to cause a splash of excitement among the community, we invite Graphics Programmer Filip Lundbeck to talk to us about the long-awaited Red Dot Reflex Sight bug fix and redesign rolling out for free alongside the release of Revontuli Coast.

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