Free Content, Improvements & Fixes – The Showcase Update is Out Now!

March 14, 2023

Greetings, Hunters!

We just released the Showcase Update, bringing new features, fixes, and improvements to players on all platforms.



Say Hello to your Free Trophy Cabin!

Proudly display all your trophies from the Layton Lake and Hirschfelden reserves in the spacious new Trophy Cabin. Pool table and hot tub included!



Spend less time prepping and more time hunting with Loadouts

Shorten the time between hunts by saving your favorite configurations of weapons and equipment into different loadouts. You can switch between them at any time by heading to your nearest Cache.



Read on for the full list of new features, improvements, tweaks and adjustments, and bug fixes.



  • The Apex News Feature has been added. Now players will be able to see the latest news as a pop-up in the main menu.
  • Trophy Lodges can now be renamed!
  • A key bind option to toggle Clue highlights on/off has been implemented.
    • Developer’s Notes: This new option has been bounded to “C” by default. Players who have previously bounded this key to another action should check their hotkeys and make sure it’s working correctly.
  • We’ve added a Sharpness slider to the Graphics Quality settings.
  • We’ve added a Press & Hold indicator for skipping intro cinematics.
  • Players can now add waypoints when looking through binoculars.
  • The in-game DLC Store is now available for players who bought the game on Epic Games Store.
  • An extra screen with DLC details has been implemented in the in-game DLC Store on PC.
  • A new multimount Trophy has been added: Bison Bonanza!



  • Textures and selected models for plaques and plinths in Trophy Lodges have been improved.
  • PlayStation players should no longer experience crashes when accessing the Storage menu.
  • The distances at which animals will spook when hearing gunshots have been adjusted.
  • Lever-Action Rifle (Whitlock Model 86 & Coachmate) reload animations have been updated.
  • Mission items in the Codex menu have been categorized.
  • The estimated distance to an animal can now be seen on the spotting widget in the UI.
  • Ranger has become a passive Perk that increases the estimated distance accuracy shown in the UI.
  • Information about an animal’s state is now visible by default when they are spotted.
  • Zeroing can now be acquired as a tier-two Perk.
  • Various character transparency issues have been resolved.
    • Developer’s Notes: Specifically, this fixes a bug where antlers would seem to twitch in odd directions while the player was moving.


  • We added some general improvements to The Hill Caller Skill.
  • The zero distance of the Crosspoint CB-165 crossbow has been increased from 10/30/50m to 20/40/60m.
  • We’ve increased the bleed damage caused by .22LR truncated cone bullets to ensure quick kills on small birds, even on flesh wounds.
  • On top of a couple of additional minor tweaks, some animal awareness states will now be available for all players to observe instead of only players who have selected the Spotting Knowledge Skill.
    • Developer’s Notes: All players will now be able to observe animals in three key states: Calm, Alerted, and Fleeing or Aggressive. Those who decide to take on the Spotting Knowledge Skill will be provided with an additional range of states visibility information. With these changes, we hope to improve First-Time User Experience and keep things balanced and exciting for our existing community!
  • Animals will stop in their tracks more accurately.


  • Spanish special characters will now be displayed correctly in the Russian translation of the game.


  • We’ve adjusted the dog’s responsiveness to the gunshots and added a reaction to thunder.


  • Choosing the low preset quality now also updates shadow quality, terrain detail tessellation, and scene complexity.
  • Small visual improvements to the sky when raining have been added.
  • The Volume Fog Quality has been optimized on PC and no longer appears pixilated, regardless of the chosen graphics setting.


  • Memory usage while switching reserves has been improved.




  • The Hunting Dog realized it doesn’t have gills and no longer lies down underwater.
  • The Moose Great One now spawns with Great One-fur types only.
  • The Hunting Dog will now respawn on land if pushed into the water.
  • A number of issues causing need zones to disappear after game updates have been addressed
  • We fixed an issue with waterfowl failing to flee when there’s no valid threat.
  • Animals no longer teleport while drinking.
  • An issue with alligators despawning incorrectly has been resolved.
  • We fixed an issue where ducks sometimes did not leave high altitudes.
  • Using the Keen Eye Skill will no longer discover invalid points of interest.
  • Toggling between the x-ray and regular view no longer changes the reset view.
  • Players can now interact with the trash bin for the New England Mountains’ main mission, Second Home, without having to quit and re-enter the game from the main menu.
  • We’ve fixed an issue for the Parque Fernando mission, Shot for Shot, where two out of the four targets were not visible unless the player was zooming in at a specific spot.
  • Crashes in certain locations on various reserves on Xbox have been addressed.
  • Moose have had their internal organs checked and they all should be valid targets again.
  • Taxidermized Great One Moose with fabled type furs will now display the correct fur in the Trophy Lodge.


  • We’ve updated the default keybinds for the gamepad when placing waypoints with binoculars.
  • Various quality-of-life fixes were added to the harvest screen.
    • Developer’s Notes: The latest killed animal will now be properly displayed in the Trophy Manager even if the player already has ten harvests saved.
  • The ability to mute individual players in multiplayer chat has been added.
  • Metric and imperial range measurements in the Weapon Wheel will now display correctly when toggled.
  • We’ve fixed a number of mission waypoints that reveal new areas of the map.
  • Hunt Club events no longer move to the ‘Completed’ tab before they are finished.
  • The Great Ones count in the hunting profile of a player’s Codex now update properly.
  • The Equipment Selector now shows up every time as intended when pressing up on the D-pad.
  • We’ve fixed an infinite loading issue that sometimes appeared if a player changed to another profile from the EULA and Privacy Policy screens on Xbox.
  • We fixed an issue where the D-pad scroll functionality in the EULA and Privacy Policy screens was occasionally unresponsive.
  • We removed the option to retrieve a Trophy even though the animal was not placed in any Trophy Lodge.
  • We fixed an issue where the Options menu became locked after a player unlinked their Apex Connect account using a controller.
  • The unsaved harvest pop-up is no longer closed when a player uses a controller to check “Don’t Show Again”.
  • The issue with the Taxidermize button of the last unsaved harvest not working while being accessed directly from the harvest screen has been fixed.
  • We’ve fixed the issue of the “Claim Reward” prompt not being aligned to the center of the screen.
  • When assembling a multimount, the last highlighted animal on the list will no longer appear instead of the selected one.
  • The female Hunting Dog now has the correct picture in the My Dogs menu.
  • The issue with numbers on the HUD becoming bigger if the player switches between controller and keyboard & mouse has been resolved.
  • The in-game currency cost to rename a player’s Hunting Dog will now only be deducted if their chosen name change was successful.
    • Developer’s Notes: There were a number of players reporting the re-naming system was broken, causing loss of cash and no name change.
  • The Mission list no longer overlaps with other UI elements.
  • We’ve fixed a misaligned image in the Mission Items Codex UI.
  • Reserve subcategories the Mission Items have been added.
  • Some truncated text in the Equipment Slots Inventory UI has been cleaned up.
  • Players can once again select Matmat’s Multi Trophy Mount while using the keyboard in a Trophy Lodge.
  • We fixed an issue where players would sometimes trigger the “Overwrite” option using a controller in the Trophy Manager screen.


  • The Cacciatore 12g shotgun echo now triggers when fired while aiming.


  • The player’s shadow no longer flickers when spawned.
  • Graphical corruption no longer occurs when switching ammo while reloading.
  • Water should no longer occasionally flicker.
  • We fixed a number of graphical issues occurring when a player automatically reloaded any of the WP6 weapons.
  • The player’s character now properly grips their ATV handlebars in first-person view.


  • Names should no longer disappear from the Harvest Screen when players leave a multiplayer session.
  • ‘Twitching’ movements should no longer occur when looking at other players in multiplayer.
  • The long-standing issue with switching barrels on the Grelck Drilling Rifle in a multiplayer session while being within a 1.5 km distance from another player has been fixed!
  • We fixed a minor third-person animation issue for the Modern Muzzleloader when reloading in a crouching position in multiplayer.
  • An issue where audio for the Goose and Jackrabbit Callers was being heard twice during a multiplayer session if triggered by another player has been fixed.


We hope you’ll enjoy all of the free content, improvements, and fixes contained in this update, as well as the new Hirschfelden Cosmetic Pack DLC and Hunter Power Pack DLC, now available on all platforms.

Happy hunting!


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