Revontuli Coast Release Notes

June 28, 2022



New Reserve: Revontuli Coast

Explore a vast archipelago in Revontuli Coast, the all-new reserve for theHunter: Call of the Wild. Read more about it here.


New Feature: Layout Float Blind

Players who purchase Revontuli Coast will receive a Layout Float Blind. This useful tool allows you to conceal yourself from waterfowl, ducks, and upland birds while in water. The blind can be used across any reserve.



New Feature: Dolby Atmos

PC and Xbox One players can now experience even greater immersion thanks to Dolby Atmos support. Read more here.


New Feature: Item Wheel

Thanks to a radial menu, you’ll be able to switch weapons, ammo, and sights quicker than before. Check out this Dev Diary to learn more.


New Ammunition: .22 Conehead Ammo

Available for any player who owns Weapon Pack 1, Weapon Pack 3, or the Modern Rifle Pack.




  • The highly requested Waterfowl rework is here! Check out this Dev Diary for more details;
  • There’s been a full rework of the animal home ranges, populations, and schedules for specific reserves (Layton Lake, Medved, Te Awaroa, Yukon, Rancho del Arroyo, Cuatro Colinas, Parque Fernando).



  • A long-standing community request: the Marksman and Red Raptor Reflex Sights have had an efficiency overhaul. You can read more about this here, too!
  • The dog command wheel has been updated;
  • We’ve implemented boat icon(s) to clarify which boats are accessible by players and which are not;
  • There is now a new option that allows players to disable POI icons on the map and HUD separately;
  • Borderless full-screen mode is now supported;
  • Callouts—action prompts placed within the bottom navigation menu—are now clickable;
  • There is now an indication to let the user know if a reserve is playable or not in the “New Game” screen.



  • We’ve given the death camera movement & character respawning an overhaul.



  • The new item wheel has been added! See “Free Content” near the top of the release notes;
  • The dog command wheel has been updated; see “UX/UI” two sections above.



  • We’ve made sure a “Sign In” option is also present within the new user “Sign Up” journey and prompts.



  • We’ve fixed a large chunk of issues with flying or misplaced roads;
  • We’ve added the ability to rename your canine companions!
  • It will now be easier to tell whether you’ve failed or passed a harvest check;
  • We’ve removed the alligator’s sound hint which was added to Silver Ridge Peaks before the Mississippi Acres Preserve release.



  • Population resets, zone, and schedule changes will occur across all reserves, except Silver Ridge Peaks, as a result of the reworks mentioned above under “Performance”.




  • We’ve addressed the problem of key bind descriptions not being displayed in the “Settings” menu.



  • There are no more excessive poop trails for Eastern Cottontail Rabbits!
  • Animals will no longer appear static while drinking near shores;
  • The issue where a player could not interact with mostly small clues unless they looked DIRECTLY down on them has been fixed.



  • Sorry, not sorry: we’ve fixed the Cash / XP / Weapon score exploit;
  • ‘Ranger skill’ now works with traditional bows.



  • We’ve fixed the issue of the “Accept”/”Decline” button(s) appearing in Polish, even when the game is launched in English.



  • Xbox leaderboards are now functional!



  • “Reset Skills” and “Reset Perks” button(s) will now remove the effects of skills/perks in the current game session.



  • The 3D UI icons twitch have been fixed;
  • POI icons not appearing on the map for some hunting structures after being bought/built have been fixed;
  • The undiscovered location icon now disappears as it should after approaching your first outpost in a new game.