Express yourself in theHunter: Call of the Wild with a wide range of free and premium Cosmetics.

Introduced alongside the release of theHunter: Call of the Wild’s 13th reserve: New England Mountains, Cosmetics are an optional way to personalize your in-game hunting experience, and look fabulous in the process!


Whether you own any DLC or not, you’ll have access to a combination of Reserve-themed paints and camos. Base game owners get two sets: one for Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve and one for Layton Lake District. Each additional Reserve DLC you own also comes with a unique set, and there is an expanding library of complementary, premium, and limited edition packs to redeem or purchase.


Each lovingly designed and crafted by theHunter team, there are five different types of Cosmetics you can apply to your weapons, tents, and ground blinds in almost any combination for a small in-game currency fee. The options are exponential!

  • Paints: An assortment of matte single-color options
  • Sprays: Get creative with unique patterns and decals
  • Materials: Customize the feel of your gear with various wood and metal finishes
  • Camos: Blend in and become one with your surroundings
  • Wraps: Exclusive to the premium Cosmetic Packs, this design incorporates thematic elements from all of the other four categories to bring you a truly unique look

Additionally, after buying or redeeming a pack, if you want to see what they look like on your owned gear before spending in-game currency, you can combine and preview them in the Customization Menu which is accessible through your Storage Locker Inventory.