Grab your gear and get ready to explore the majestic Appalachian Mountains! Pit your wits against a new Great One, discover three refined animals, and check in with an old friend in this beautiful location.


New England Mountains DLC is available to wishlisht on PC via Steam and Epic. Wishlist is not available on Windows Store, Xbox One and PlayStation.



  • Hunt in stunning surroundings Covering roughly a quarter of the state of New Hampshire, as well as portions of Western Maine, the White Mountains sit in the northern Appalachians. Featuring rugged and varied landscapes, this exciting map gives Hunters a wonderful new area to explore.
  • Discover refined prey and rich countryside On the uplands and through the trees of the New England Mountains, Hunters have the unique chance of laying eyes on three Great Ones. Not only that, the reserve also features some beautifully refined prey.
  • Plan your trips and tactics New England Mountains is teeming with life. Hunters will need to plan carefully when heading out onto the peaks. Whether you’re exclusively going after a Great One, or just wandering into the wilds to explore, players can customize the look of their favorite weapons with the two included cosmetics to give them a distinctly New Hampshire feel. This is a perfect way to show off their custom gear before venturing out in search of that elusive and prestigious prey.