The High Caliber Weapon Pack & Pistol Packin’ Update – Out Now!

March 12, 2024

Hello Hunters! 

The High Caliber Weapon Pack is available now on all platforms. Containing 3 powerful new weapons as well as 5 unique cosmetics, you can now take down the biggest game from even greater distances – in style! 

What’s included: 

  • Arzyna .300 Mag Tactical The Arzyna .300 Mag Tactical offers stellar performance for both the hunter and marksman. Melding the flexibility of the AR platform with the long-range power of the .300 Magnum, it sets new standards in hunting and precision shooting.
  • .45-70 Jernberg Superior – The Jernberg Superior stands as the go-to pistol for sharpshooters and hunters alike thanks to its powerful single-shot, break-action design. Firing impressive .45-70 caliber rounds, and catering to custom needs with its adaptable scope mount, it’s more than a simple tool — it’s a testament to fine craftsmanship and precision.
  • Strandberg 10SA Executive – Whether you’re stalking prey in wetlands or participating in competitive shooting, the Strandberg 10GA Semi-Automatic Shotgun ensures unparalleled performance and reliability — every time.
  • 5 New Cosmetics: This pack also includes a sleek mix of exclusive Material and Camo cosmetics that can be applied to selected weaponry and gear in combination with other cosmetics in your inventory.



Also available today, amplify your aesthetic choices with the Emerald Coast Cosmetic Pack! This premium pack includes a collection of fresh new weapon paints, sprays, camos, materials, and a special premium wrap – all inspired by the stunning beauty of the Emerald Coast Australia reserve. Available on all platforms for $2.99.


We’ve partnered with Makeship to bring this silly little kangaroo from Emerald Coast to life 🦘 Adorned with brilliant red gloves and a fully accessible pocket on the front, it’s the perfect thing to add to your stuffed animal collection. Visit Makeship’s website for more information and secure your own Robbo the Roo plushie!


Join us today at 6pm CET / 1pm EDT for the exclusive release live stream with JaxyBeard and the designers behind the High Caliber Weapon Pack. We’ll be taking another look at our newest content and answering your questions. Join us on Twitch or YouTube.


And that’s not all! The latest free update for theHunter: Call of the Wild is also now available to all players. Let’s take a look at the details!

New Features, Improvements & Updates

  • We’ve speeded up the reloading animations for all Revolvers by adding Speedloaders to the game. 
    • Developer’s Note: This change affects all the Revolvers in the game which could utilize Speedloaders. This excludes the .45 Rolleston for obvious reasons 😉
  • Binoculars and Rangefinders can now be customized by applying cosmetic items to them.
  • FOCOSO 357 has been visually reworked from scratch.
  • Double-action revolvers now function realistically, cocking when aimed for single-action firing, but also allowing for rapid double-action shooting without waiting for the hammer to be cocked.
    • Developer’s Note: The affected Revolvers are Rhino 454, Sundberg 454, and the Mangiafico 410 / 45 Colt on its 3 variations (Flat Black, Muertos, Polished Steel).
  • We’ve standardized our Animals Classes and in doing so we shifted some animals around to make the experience more consistent and predictable.

  • Due to the Animal Class changes, we’ve also updated general Class Icons too. 
    • Developer’s Note: We now have a new icon for Class 4 – Whitetail deer. The Class 4 Boar has been moved to Class 5. Wolf is now the new Class 6. The old icon for Class 6 Reindeer is no longer present.

  • We’ve updated the Black Bears, Brown Bears and Grizzlies drinking schedule. They will now look for water in the early morning, rather than the middle of the night.
    • Developer’s Note: This time we opted to not reset the any bear populations, so only the bears that are spawned after the update will have the new drinking schedule. Existing bears will keep their old schedules.
  • PC Players can now use a new option in the multiplayer menu to show or hide Hosted Games that have no available spots by toggling Show Full Hosts button.
  • There is now a button for PC and PlayStation Players to manually refresh the Multiplayer Host list.
  • Players will now be informed of what knocked them out when respawning.
  • We’ve updated the weight for all the Tritium Sights: Before, these scopes weighed: 0.5 Now: 0. 
    • Developer’s Note: Now there is no excuse not to have your Tritium Sights in your pocket!
  • Ground blinds and bigger hunting structures can now hold 2 players in Multiplayer.
  • Store images for Binoculars and Rangefinder have been updated.
  • We’ve added a codex entry for Hide all animal clues.
  • An option to show/hide the button prompts has been added.
    • Developer’s Note: It can be found under Settings > Interface > HUD.
  • “Spray” Customizable item from both the “New Year 2024” event and the “Lunar New Year 2024” event were originally missing. Users who claimed those Customization packs when they were available should have these Customization items automatically added to their available Customization items.  
  • 2 new Spray cosmetics will be available for players who claimed the New Year 2024 and Lunar New Year 2024 cosmetic packs during the events available in January and February.
    • Developer’s Note: A pesky bug held back the sprays from unlocking before, but after patching up the game, they’re good to go. Players who claimed the New Year pack will now get access to New Year Sky Spray. Those who unlocked content from the Lunar New Year pack will get the Lunar New Year Paint Brush Spray



  • We’ve addressed an issue that caused a number of weapons to not shoot accurately. This affected several scopes and depending on the weapon that was equipped, the misalignment was different.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the Grelck Drilling Rifle, where switching between shotgun ammo changed the iron sight to the rifle sight.
  • Driving into a dog at full speed will no longer make the ATV fly and flip. 
    • Developer’s Note: Please be nice to your hunting dogs and leave ATV stunts to professionals.
  • Active scent eliminators will now properly expire if the player sleeps for longer than they have left on their duration.
  • The default zeroing of the Andersson handguns (i.e. when not using the zeroing perk) has been set to 50m similar to other weapons.
  • The Rolleston and Cuomo handguns will now correctly automatically reload after being hip-fired.
  • Firing a shot with the Tsurugi and then switching to another weapon will now cause the new weapon to correctly show up instead of the Tsurugi.
  • An issue with zeroing at max range with the .223 and .270 rifles has been fixed.
  • We’ve addressed an issue when the player would become unable to swap ammo and scopes in the Weapon Wheel after doing it often in a single play session.
  • Changing scopes on the Grelck Drilling Rifle from the Weapon Wheel, and then choosing a different item to use will not stop the new item from being equipped anymore.
  • We’ve realigned the Grelck Drilling Rifle iron sight and scope to fix an additional accuracy issue.
  • We’ve fixed an accuracy issue with the Grelck Drilling Rifle when zeroing at 100m and 150m.
  • We’ve adjusted the threat generated by the Retriever Dog while retrieving. 
  • Players can finally pet the Retriever Dog in the Layton Lake Trophy Cabin!
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the Bloodhound, where it would move extremely slowly after interacting with a blood clue.
  • Now the correct ATV will spawn when using the keyboard.
  • Bobcat and Mexican Bobcat have had their weights adjusted to be more accurate – from 6.4 to 18 kg.
  • We’ve resolved a problem where harvests couldn’t be picked up by any player if someone left and came back to a multiplayer session with Honoring ON.
  • Old trophies collected before the scoring update in 2020 will now display the medal that they had at the time of harvest again, rather than the medal that they would have been given using the new scoring system 🏆


  • The headlamp’s light beam, when seen in 3rd person by another player, has been properly adjusted to align with the user’s head.
  • Players on the Windows Store version of the game should be able to use text chat to communicate with each other again if they have the appropriate communications privileges set on their accounts.


  • New mission available pop-up should now only appear when new missions are available.
  • The Make a Difference quest, in the New England Mountains Reserve, can now be completed again.


  • The plane in the Yukon Valley intro cinematic will work as expected again.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with Basri Memorial and Crimson Ridge Outposts in Yukon Valley not unlocking properly.
  • It will no longer rain forever in any reserve if you leave Te Awaroa during the Toxicology Report mission. 


  • Selecting Reset camera position in the weapon customization will now reset the camera properly.
  • The correct Scent Eliminator icon will now appear when selecting it with a controller.
  • Apex Connect game invites notification now expires.
  • We’ve added a warning message when changing the keybindings.
  • Correct icons now appear for decoys when selecting them with the controller.
  • Scrolling through the Multiplayer Competition list should now be smoother with the scrollbar.
  • The option to rename a trophy lodge is no longer accidentally present on the Friend’s Trophy Lodges menu
  • Buttons will no longer stay highlighted when exploring the settings menu.
  • If the last menu visited was the Trophy Manager, pressing ESC will no longer lead to the inventory.
  • The competition list description will now be shown correctly after scrolling down in the list using a controller.
  • We’ve fixed a navigation issue with selecting mission items in the codex while using a controller.
  • The text field for renaming a loadout can now be focused on while using a controller.
  • We’ve fixed font scaling issues with the fur type column in the Trophy Manager.
  • The highlight lines when inspecting a Multi Trophy have been fixed.
  • We’ve addressed an issue where players could retire a dog in the wrong Kennel screen.
  • The Buy DLC button no longer overlaps with descriptions of the reserves in languages other than English.
  • It should now be easier to navigate through the EULA & Privacy Policy screens.
  • We’ve fixed a localization issue in Portuguese, where the controller buttons overlap with the text prompt of the Trophy Lodge menu.
  • Players should no longer become stuck in the Apex menu if they change from controller to mouse and keyboard while navigating the Privacy Policy.
  • We’ve resolved a problem with highlighting items when moving through the inventory menu using a controller.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the APEX friend notifications did not automatically appear.


  • We’ve fixed a rendering issue that caused animals placed as Multi Trophy to disappear from view on the edge of the camera.
  • A twitching motion on trees in New England Mountains Reserve while having the tree stand equipped is no longer present.
  • Weapon models shown in the Store and Storage menus should be back to the appropriately high level of detail.


  • The animal in the Harvest Screen will no longer slowly shrink while rotating.
    • Developer’s Note: Honey, who shrunk my trophy???


  • The dog should be less likely to rotate its head unnaturally while looking at the player 🙃
  • The Retriever has learned to close its mouth properly when fetching arrows.
  • Picking up the Quist Red Pro Electronic Caller should now be smoother.
  • Unspent rounds should no longer be mysteriously visible in the .270 rifles while chambering and reloading.
  • An idle animation while using handguns in Multiplayer has been fixed.
  • We’ve fixed an animation when players switch between Binoculars and Rangefinders in Multiplayer. 
  • Weapons will no longer disappear when holstering and changing to another weapon.
  • We’ve updated the layout blind animation for Multiplayer, so the character should look correct while using it.
  • .44 revolver hammer is now pulled back correctly when shooting from the hip.
  • We’ve fixed the hand animation when auto-walking with the Electronic Caller equipped.
  • In Multiplayer you can now see the ammunition in the reloading animation when other players reload their weapons.
  • We’ve fixed .44 Moradi reloading animation when having Lightning Hands Perk 2 and 3.  
  • We’ve fixed the holstering animation of the Electronic Caller in Multiplayer.
  • We’ve addressed an issue with missing animation when reloading and switching position to prone with the Tsurugi LRR equipped.
  • Fingers should no longer clip with the Moradi Model 1894 in different positions.
  • Hands should no longer clip with the crossbow in a prone position in Multiplayer.
  • We’ve fixed a head-shaking animation when aiming on a tripod in Multiplayer.
  • We’ve addressed an animation issue when aiming with a longbow and moving while crouching in Multiplayer.
  • We’ve fixed an arm animation when standing up from prone with the Huntermate equipped in Multiplayer.
  • We’ve fixed the reload animation for Olsson Model 23 .308 and Malmer 7MM Magnum when the player has 2 or 3 ranks of the Lighting Hands Perk.
  • Arrows should now be visible for other players in Multiplayer.
  • Coachmate Lever .45-70 now has its proper animation while shooting it with the Muscle Memory Perk active.
  • Mangiafico Revolver no longer disappears after shooting from the hip.
  • Labrador will now perform the howling animation when is raining.
  • We’ve fixed an animation issue where the weapon stayed in the ground if the player aimed while prone and then stood up.
  • We’ve fixed a character’s head movement while aiming on the tripod in Multiplayer.
  • We’ve fixed the unholster animation for the Rolleston Revolver Multiplayer.
  • Arrows are now in sync with the hand when pulling back the string in Multiplayer.
  • The character will keep looking forward while aiming and shooting the Davani in Multiplayer.
  • We’ve fixed an animation in Multiplayer, where the character’s head movement while aiming and switching stances, from standing to prone and back, was incorrect.
  • Changing the sight of the bow while aiming will no longer reset the string. 


  • The flapping sound for the goose has been redesigned.
    • Developer’s Note: It should be softer now and fade better over distance.
  • We’ve fixed the SFX corruption when selecting the Camo tab in the weapon customization.
  • The Stenberg Modern Takedown Recurve Bow now plays the correct sound when holstering/unholstering it in Multiplayer.
  • The Distressed deer call used for calling Grizzly Bears in the Electronic Caller is now an actual distress call.
  • Fixed some issues with the flag sound effects at Outposts.
  • Tire swing in Mississippi will no longer sound “metallic” when pushed.
  • The Electronic Caller will now play the proper sound for Mountain Lions.

Happy hunting! 

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