Known Issues List

March 12, 2024

Updated: March 12, 2024

We have created a list of possible issues some players may experience with theHunter after the release of the High Caliber Weapon Pack and its free Pistol Packin’ Update. If you are having a problem that you would like to report, please refer to the list below first — we may already be aware of the issue and working to resolve it!


  • Tru-Vision Tritium Sight (Model R65) for the Mårtensson 6.5mm still weighs 0.5 instead of 0.
  • Xbox players who launch the game before it has finished updating (starting it when Xbox says it is “Ready to Play”) will notice that their inventory is limited to only the equipment normally present in the starting gear set. We suggest waiting until the game has finished installing completely before starting it.
  • Saltwater Crocodiles may be difficult to “Spot” from certain angles.
  • Feral Goats may run in circles while trying to flee in some places on Emerald Coast.
  • Female Mexican Bobcats will have lower than intended scores.


  • Weird textures occasionally show up on static objects, particularly on Xbox.


  • Players who unlink their APEX Connect accounts are not prompted to restore them on game launch. Accounts can still be restored through the Apex Connect Menu.
  • The new “STRANDBERG 10SA EXECUTIVE” was incorrectly translated to non-English languages, as 10GA instead of 10SA.


  • The Dolby Atmos sound mixing option does not seem to be working as intended.
  • Hog Deer sound like Roe Deer.
  • Tripods do not make any noise when rotating.


  • On Playstation, the player’s active dog will appear in the basement of the Layton Lake Trophy Cabin.
  • Sometimes player’s dog’s mouth may stick out of the body of the harvest it’s carrying.
  • The Labrador Retriever can jump a bit too much when traveling in shallow waters.
  • Petting your dogs in a trophy lodge may cause minor animation issues.
  • The dog may appear to hover when trying to navigate around large bird corpses (like turkeys).
  • The dog’s eyes may look odd under certain lighting conditions
  • While in multiplayer, there are instances where one player can’t see another player’s harvest if their dog has it in their mouth.


  • Light Brown pumas shot prior to the Outback Update are invisible when placed in the trophy room on Parque Fernando.
    • Developer’s note: This has been a very challenging bug to fix. As of the Outback Update, anyone progressing this mission for the first time should see their trophies without issue. Unfortunately, players who have already placed a Light Brown Puma on the stand will still be stuck with an invisible trophy for now.


  • Players may fall out of the world in a certain spot on the ice south of Zverolova Hill on Medved.


If you’ve encountered an issue that’s not listed above, make sure to share it with us on Discord or via our support website.


Much appreciation, as always!

theHunter: Call of the Wild dev team