Known Issues List

December 20, 2022

Updated: 20 December 2022

Following the release of the New England Mountains Reserve and the Granite Update, we’ve compiled a list of issues some players may currently encounter in theHunter. If you’ve encountered a bug that you’d like to report, make sure to check the list below first, as we may already be aware and working on a fix!


  • Antlers aren’t rendering quite right. This is most noticeable when in the Trophy Lodge after players come to a stop.
  • “Fabled” furs for the Great One Moose are not appearing correctly in the Trophy Lodge.
    • Dev Team’s Notes: The trophies acquired while this bug is in the game should be automatically updated to display the correct fur once it’s fixed.
  • Weapon previews in the Storage Menu use a low-resolution model for weapons that have not yet been viewed in the Customization Menu.
  • Vegetation can appear pixelated during foggy weather.
    • Dev Team’s Notes: If you’re experiencing this, we recommend turning the “Volume Fog Quality” setting to “Off”
  • The player’s avatar doesn’t correctly hold the ATV’s handlebar in first-person view.
  • The reloading animation for the Modern Muzzleloader may not display correctly in the third person when players are in a crouched position.
  • In Parque Fernando, 2 out of 4 targets of the “Shot for Shot” mission are not visible without zooming at the correct spot.
  • The rechamber animation is currently missing when firing with the single-action revolver while aiming.


  • Some players are unable to complete the last step of “Fencing Champion”.


  • In a multiplayer session, it may be impossible for players to switch barrels on the Grelck Drilling Rifle when within 1.5 kilometers of another player.
  • The trash bin is not active in New England Mountains’ mission “Second Home”. Quitting to the Main Menu and reloading the game will solve it.
  • We find the .22LR truncated cone bullet to be underpowered.


  • Some very rare crashes can happen when using dogs in multiplayer.
  • Unexpected crashes can happen on the Xbox Series S and Series X versions of the game.
  • On rare occasions, PlayStation players may encounter a crash when accessing the Storage Menu at a cache.


  • The Cacciatore 12g shotgun does not trigger an echo when fired while aiming down sight.
  • Tripods do not trigger any sound when placed or being rotated.
  • In multiplayer, the Goose and Jackrabbit callers’ audio can be heard twice if triggered by another player.


  • Animals can appear with the wrong species on the Harvest Screen.
  • Controller keybinds are not being saved on PC.
  • It’s currently not possible to select Matmat’s multi-trophy mount while using a keyboard in the Trophy Lodge.

If you’ve encountered an issue that’s not listed above, make sure to share it with us on Discord or via our support website.

We hope you enjoy your time in the New England Mountains and the improvements we’ve rolled out with the Granite Update. It’s been a blast to follow your hunts in the new reserve and to read your feedback on it.

Happy holidays, and happy hunting!