Your guide to New England Mountains customization and cosmetics

December 2, 2022

What are cosmetics?

First of all, cosmetics are just that – cosmetic. You may already know cosmetics for weapons as “weapon skins” – custom visual attributes, which make no functional change to the gameplay mechanics.

In theHunter: Call of the Wild, a custom material will not increase accuracy or scope wobble, and picking the rarest camo will not make it easier to sneak up on your prey. Cosmetics are a way for you to personalize your own experience in-game by picking your favorite colors, patterns, and materials.

They also are, and will always be, completely optional.


So how does it work?

  • Go to an outpost and access the Weapons Cache.
  • Buy a New England Mountains cosmetic content pack: Scout (Free) or Veteran (€/$ 2.99).
  • Use the in-game cash to apply any item across any currently owned (and future) weapon in the game.
  • Hunt in style!

And because feeling special is for everyone, all players will get two free cosmetic items (one paint, one camo) for every reserve they buy or already own – including Hirschfelden and Layton Lakes from the base game.


Make it personal

As a hunter, your weapon is not just a tool, but your companion on the trail. By customizing your weapon, you can personalize it and make it uniquely yours. You can even customize up to two or three parts/areas of each weapon with different cosmetics.


Cosmetics fall into five categories, or tiers, as follows:

  • Paints: Single colors for the minimalist – or purist.
  • Home-made sprays: Get creative with unique patterns and decals.
  • Material replacements: Customize the feel of your weapon, e.g., with a different wood grip.
  • Camos: Blend in and become one with your surroundings.
  • Wraps: The ultimate in custom hunting experiences. A high-grade weapon camo skin incorporating elements from all of the other four categories.

As mentioned, there are two New England Mountains content pack types:

Scout (Free): Contains six weapon customization options (includes one of the options that is unlocked when purchasing New England Mountains)

Veteran (Paid): Includes all customization options from the New England Mountains Scout Pack, both options from the New England Mountains Reserve DLC, and seven exciting, exclusive options.

With up to three separate weapon areas to customize, there are literally thousands – potentially tens of thousands – of combinations to explore for each weapon in the game!


Try before you buy!

Unsure whether your Rangemaster 338 rifle would look better in Orange Laminate Wood or full camo stock? Make up your mind with a 3D-rendered preview of each cosmetic item on any weapon you currently own.

We’re excited about introducing this new feature to theHunter: Call of the Wild, and will actively listen and evaluate your feedback as we go. Let us know which cosmetics you would like to see in the future!