Sundarpatan Nepal Hunting Reserve is Out Now!

June 18, 2024

New Destination: Sundarpatan

Welcome to Sundarpatan Nepal – a one-of-a-kind hunting reserve! Explore three unique regions with their own distinct climate, wildlife, and culture. Traverse breathtaking environments, from snow-covered open ridges in the mountains to iconic rhododendron forests, in pursuit of 13 animal species. Take on a variety of challenges with a new weapon at your disposal – the 19th century-era Gandhare Rifle – and go hunting where life exists on the edge. 

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Check Out the New Premium Cosmetics

Additionally, choose to blend into your surroundings with the premium Sundarpatan Cosmetic Pack DLC, giving you access to Nepal-inspired paints, sprays, camos, wraps, and materials. Available on PC and consoles at 2.99 USD/EUR.

Don’t Miss Out on the Free Content

The Rhododendron Update is Here

Also available today is the free Rhododendron Update, adding two extra Nepal-inspired cosmetics, Blackbuck and Water Buffalo model remasters, a plethora of bug fixes, and more for all players. 


  • Population resets for the following species: Blackbuck, Bobcat, Mexican Bobcat, Grizzly Bear, Brown Bear, and Black Bear.
  • Dogs can now be heard barking at predators.
  • We’ve fixed an accuracy issue with the 7mm Magnum Rifle when zeroed to 150m.
  • We’ve addressed a glitch that caused the Grelck Drilling Rifle’s secondary ammo to unload when players changed the primary ammo through the weapon wheel.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where animals would occasionally stop floating back to shore if the dog failed to retrieve them.
  • Foxes and other similar animals will no longer get a weird speed boost while fleeing.
  • We’ve resolved an issue that made the game try to connect to a different server than the one a player chose in the multiplayer menu.

Check out the full patch notes here

The Limited Midsummer Cosmetic Pack is Coming Back

Celebrate Midsummer with this unique gift including 14 exclusive cosmetics. This offer is only available between June 20-28, so don’t wait too long to grab it.

Follow these simple steps to claim the pack:

  • Have or upgrade to a full free Apex Connect account (you can do this in-game or via the Apex Connect portal in your browser)
  • Have Hunt Club enabled
  • Be connected to the internet

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