Third-person screenshot of a player character using a selection of Cosmetics from the Hirschfelden Cosmetic Pack, available on all platforms.


Decorate your weapons, tents, and blinds with these unique premium cosmetics inspired by the Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve.


PACK CONTENTSA selection preview of the Cosmetic options available in Hirschfelden Cosmetic Pack, available on all platforms. (Ver2)


This premium Cosmetic Pack for theHunter: Call of the Wild contains 12 decorative options:

  • Hirschfelden Dark Brown Paint
  • Hirschfelden Green Paint
  • Hirschfelden Tan Paint
  • Hirschfelden Dark Grey Paint
  • Hirschfelden Spruce Spray
  • Hirschfelden Aspen Spray
  • Hirschfelden Stripe Spray
  • Hirschfelden Beech Wood
  • Hirschfelden Spruce Wood
  • Hirschfelden Woodbark Camo
  • Hirschfelden Woodland Camo
  • Hirschfelden Premium Wrap


The contents of this pack are cosmetic only and applicable to all weapons, tents, and blinds in the game.