theHunter: Call of the Wild expands to Australia!

May 23, 2023


It’s time to prepare for your next adventure – theHunter: Call of the Wild is expanding to Australia!

Emerald Coast features a diverse open world that teems with life, 14 animal species, including iconic fauna such as the Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Saltwater Crocodile, new side and story missions, and the new Zagan Varminter .22-250 bolt-action rifle.

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Also, releasing for free alongside Emerald Coast, the Outback Update adds a new Australian-inspired character outfit, a redesigned Harvest Screen, multiple bug fixes and improvements, and much more.

Let’s check out what you can expect to see in the new map and update!

Emerald Coast Australia

Paid DLC


  • Explore the Australian outback, subtropical bushlands, and tropical rainforests, and experience the natural wonder of its stunning wilderness.
  • Hunt some of Australia’s most iconic fauna, including the Magpie Goose, Banteng, Saltwater Crocodile, and Eastern Grey Kangaroo.
  • Make new friends and work together to protect the region’s beautiful but fragile ecosystem through side and story missions focused on conservation, cooperation, and community.
  • Expand your hunting arsenal with the new Zagan Varminter .22-250 Bolt-Action Rifle. Light and comfortable to shoot, it’s the perfect companion for any hunting trip.

Outback Update

Free Content


  • A new outfit based on the Emerald Coast will be available to purchase for all hunters with in-game credits.
  • Additionally, this update introduces a new ‘Great One’. Sightings of this majestic animal have been reported in Emerald Coast and Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve!
  • Tents and Ground Blinds can now be personalized using the Customization System. All previously unlocked paints, sprays, camos, wraps, and materials can be used.
  • Players may now tag their favorite Customization Options to make them appear in a favorites menu for ease of access.
  • The audio clue system has been expanded, and players may now occasionally see indicators for “fleeing” calls, in addition to “mating” and “warning” calls.
  • Two new Multi-mounts have been added for species found on the Emerald Coast.
  • …and more!



Explore Emerald Coast Soon!

Emerald Coast Australia is coming soon to PC and console platforms. Stay tuned for more details!

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