Published on December 19th, 2018 by Ann-Charlotte

Hello Hunters!

We are pleased to announce that Parque Fernando is rolling out on Xbox and PS4 the next 24 hours! Or to be even more specific, Xbox is going live today December 19th and PS4 December 20th. And yesterday, we went live with a patch (1.12 Xbox, 1.16 PS4) for consoles which provided fixes for the invincible animals, invisible blood trails and inventory issues. You can read more about the improvements in the patch notes below.

Parque Fernando is the fifth reserve to be added to theHunter: Call of the Wild and this reserve is inspired by the South American region of Patagonia. It offers new species such as the Water Buffalo, Axis Deer, Blackbuck, but also an apex predator - the Puma!

Framed by hills, Parque Fernando houses a variety of environments to explore. Here, you'll have the opportunity to stroll through the snags of the dead forest, wander the steppes and lupine meadows in search of game, or make your way to the tranquil lakes across the reserve. And make sure to stop by the archery range to test your shooting skills.

As you hunters know, new features require new equipment, so check out the Axis Deer “screamer” caller", Cinnamon Teal decoys, Mule deer scent, and the Patagonian Gaucho outfit.

Parque Fernando will be priced at 7.99 USD/7.99 Euros and as per usual you can join in on your friend’s multiplayer games without owning the reserve yourself.

The release also includes a major patch that contains a plethora of bug-fixes and improvements and you will be able to download it right away.
As you hunters know, new features require new equipment, so check out the Axis Deer “screamer” caller", Cinnamon Teal decoys, Mule deer scent, and the Patagonian Gaucho outfit.

Please read the full Parque Fernando content summary and the patch notes below:

New reserve - Parque Fernando (Paid)

  • Species - Axis Deer, Blackbuck, Cinnamon Teal, Mule Deer, Puma, Red Deer, and Water Buffalo
  • New predatory behaviors - watch the Puma stalk and chase animals
  • New Missions - 18 Main Missions, 32 Side Missions
  • Get to know the new reserve warden Carolina
  • Help her build a world-class hunting lodge
  • Try to match Carolina’s greatest hits, shot-for-shot
  • Explore the reserve to uncover all of Carolina’s challenge targets, find and complete them to earn a special skin for your RANGEMASTER .338
  • New Archery Range (best for bows and crossbows but accessible with all weapons)
  • New Weapon Skins - .44 GAUCHO MAGNUM (acquire it by progressing through the main missions), RANGEMASTER .338 CHAMPIONSHIP (acquire it by beating all Challenge Targets)
  • New outfit - PATAGONIAN GAUCHO OUTFIT - Inspired by traditional gaucho wear and crafted with age-old Cabrera family technique, the Patagonian Gaucho outfit combines the robust toughness of an outdoors attire with South American fashion. With strong pure cotton fabric all over, accompanied by a modernized boina and poncho, this outfit keeps you confident and comforted in the Patagonian wilds.
  • 11 new Achievements
  • New loading screens
  • Updated reserve selection screen

Bug Fixes & Game Improvements (Free)

Patch 1.12 Xbox / 1.16 PS4.

  • Animals are no longer invincible after continuing the game from Main Menu
  • Fixed issue with storage not showing any items due to collapsed categories
  • Fixed issue with blood clues not appearing when continuing the game from Main Menu
  • Fixed noise meter not correctly reflecting player noise in certain instances'
  • Fixed issues with hit decals on animals - more improvements to come
  • Increased duration of hit decals before despawning
  • Improved animation transitions when animals are vitally hit
    *Fixed issue with performance drop when firing Shotguns
  • Fixed an issue with auto-accepting missions not being accepted on the Huntermate
  • Fixed issue with “EXIT” prompt appearing in the wrong place when inside the Layout Blind
  • Loading screens now display the correct images when joining a friend’s game
  • Enabled Hunt Club on Consoles
  • Geese no longer pause their flight when playing their hit reaction animation
  • Fixed issue with Point of Interests not being visible in Medved-Taiga after patching the game
  • Fixed issue with the player’s hand not being synced correctly during unholstering animations
  • Fixed issue with equipped Crossbow being offset from character model
  • Voice Over lines now queue correctly and wait until the previous Voice Over is finished
  • Fixed issue in “Technical Demonstration” not registering shotgun harvests of Springbok
  • Fixed issue of not being able to cancel a multiplayer competition as host
  • Fixed issue of HUD showing spare ammo instead of total ammo
  • Fixed issue of ATV not being highlighted in the Garage menu
  • Fixed missing string for owned items when purchasing them in the in-game store
  • Fixed issue of being able to overload backpack based on input method
  • Fixed wrong localization of “Close” in the Message of the Day
  • Fixed issue of Contextual Help not triggering

We really hope you enjoy our latest update to theHunter: Call of the Wild!

Happy Hunting!

// your theHunter: Call of the Wild