01.08.2019 10:00 by Expansive Worlds

Hello Hunters,

We are pleased to announce that Weapon Pack 3 is now available for purchase! Read on below for more details about these new tools in your hunting arsenal, as well as information about the accompanying free game update.


New weapon: Vasquez Cyclone .45 Big Bore Air Rifle

The Vasquez Cyclone is the poster child for a new generation of big bore air rifles. Designed from the ground up for hunting, this rifle has more than enough power to take down coyotes, wild boars and even medium-sized deer. New ammunition: .45 Hollow Point Pellet & .45 Round Nose Pellet

New weapon: Eckers .30-06 Bolt-Action Rifle

The Eckers is a high-end bolt-action rifle chambered in .30-06. This ever popular cartridge is perfect for hunting large deer and antelopes at ranges up to 300m. The Eckers .30-06 complements this versatility with high precision, top-of-the-line reliability and a beautifully crafted ergonomic frame. It’s no wonder that this rifle has become a favorite among discerning big game hunters all around the world. New ammunition: .30-06 Soft Point Bullets & .30-06 Polymer Tip Bullets

New weapon: Andersson .22LR Semi-automatic Pistol

The Andersson .22LR is a small caliber semi-automatic pistol. Its compact size, negligible recoil and impressive firing rate make it practical for a wide variety of applications, from target shooting to small game hunting and personal defense. This .22LR pistol shoots as beautifully as it looks and features a variety of customization options, as is customary for Andersson firearms.

Check the store for your platform of choice for purchase.


  • New Feature: TruRACS for Moose

Bug Fixes & Game Improvements

  • Fixed issue with black triangle visual glitch
  • Fixed issue of pre-placed hunting blinds not granting reduction in hunting pressure
  • Fixed issue with hunting pressure created in a multiplayer game being saved to client’s single player game
  • Fixed issue with duck caller failing to attract mallards in Layton Lake
  • Fixed issue that caused wolves to get stuck near outposts
  • Fixed issue that allowed to travel outside Yukon Valley reserve
  • Fixed issue with the back button when creating a new game
  • Fixed issue that caused shotgun accuracy go over 100%
  • Fixed issue with character’s arms being visible when taking photos from a tripod
  • Fixed issue with Mallard Ducks not counting towards completing Wildlife Paparazzi and Bucket List achievements
  • Fixed issue with plains bison’s horns becoming offset during idle animation
  • Fixed issue with Gray Wolf mating sounds sometimes not playing
  • Fixed issue with textures in Hirschfelden and Yukon Valley
  • Adjusted wolf aggression
  • Improved iron sights on .44 handgun
  • Various improvements and fixes to Yukon Valley missions (improvements to some missions logic and wording of objectives)
  • Various localisation improvements
  • Various improvements and fixes to animal scoring
  • Various animation improvements in 1st person
  • Various crash fixes