07.11.2019 10:00 by Ann-Charlotte

We can now announce that the TruFALLOW is live! We sent it out with some other fixes as well which you can read about below.


Our Fallow Deer now use the TruRACK randomly generated antler system.



  • Faster antialiasing, with far less pixel noise
  • Spotting is now higher priority over investigating clues
  • There is now a reticle visible when placing and interacting with trophies


  • Fixed issue with geese not repopulating correctly in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue where some skills or perks (including long-range zeroing) would sometimes stop working after being reset
  • Fixed issue with Shotgun Accuracy in the Codex being too low
  • Fixed issue of the CB-65 compound bow spooking animals from too far away
  • Fixed issue where Consecutive Harvest bonus was changing incorrectly
  • Fixed issue with The Last Hangup II mission in Parque Fernando where scaffolding would disappear too soon
  • Fixed issue with Need Zone clues incorrectly spawning inside toxic hunting pressure areas
  • Fixed issue where shots fired at shooting range were counted as missed shots in the Hunting Profile
  • Fixed issue where “Travel distance of …” achievements were not awarded retroactively for returning players
  • Fixed issue with a faulty patch of terrain in Vurhonga which caused animals to get stuck or completely avoid the area
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to close reserve selection screen while inside a trophy lodge which made it difficult to go to a reserve
  • Fixed issue where some callers would disappear or flip in player’s hands when used
  • Fixed issue with .223 polymer-tip and soft-point store images being swapped
  • Fixed issue where 16ga slug ammo store image was not cropped properly
  • Fixed issue where animals’ eyes would fail to display correctly in harvest screen
  • Fixed issue with the bears charging regardless of the distance to player
  • Fixed issue with Springbok sometimes sliding when moving
  • Fixed the missing Bohndorf Hilltop landmark
  • Fixed missing descriptions of platforms in the Trophy Lodge
  • Fixed several UI issues in the Trophy Manager
  • Further reduced frequency of grey wolves’ howling
  • Major improvements for Polish language version
  • Various improvements to existing trophy poses
  • Various animal animation improvements
  • Various crash fixes and improvements to stability