Bloodhound DLC Now Live

30.03.2021 11:00 by Expansive Worlds

Hello Hunters,

Please see below for the full list of changes in the Bloodhound update:

New Features

  • Added support for new paid DLC: Bloodhound
  • Blackbuck TruRACS

Helpful Tips for Hunting Dog

  • To get your very own Bloodhound you’ll need to visit the nearest Outpost locker.
  • Additional information on the Bloodhound can be found in the Codex Tutorial Log.
  • Like tracks, animals, and points of interest viewing options, you can find and tailor certain accessibility settings via the in-game menu under the Settings ‘System’ option.

Bug Fixes

  • Reworked animal simulation code which should fix issues with animals not showing on time at need zones and not dropping clues while also improving performance
  • Alexander Traditional Longbow (Silver Ridge Peaks) can now be used to complete several bow hunting missions in Layton Lake and Hirschfelden
  • Fixed several issues resulting in animals falling out of sync between players in multiplayer game
  • Fixed issue with Trophy Lodge multiplayer where a guest would spawn in an empty lot🔥
  • On PC, the animal ranking leaderboards will not be empty anymore
  • Fixed certain cases where the game would shut down due to becoming disconnected from Steam server (even when playing offline)

Additional Updates

Animals & Environment

  • Fixed Turkeys so that they properly flee when spooked
  • Fixed an invisible horn of a Bighorn Sheep on a very low-scoring set of horns
  • Red Fox feeding need zones no longer show up right next to European Rabbit burrows
  • Tweaked several side missions from Vualez Arc (Layton Lake) so that they’re no longer so extremely hard to complete
  • Revised the number of coyotes in Cheelah Lake to complete a mission
  • Walking through shallow water won’t be too loud anymore

Weapons, Gear & Character

  • Fixed Rangefinder Bow Sight (High Tech Hunting Pack) so that it shows distance to target in yards when using imperial unit system

User Interface & Multiplayer

  • Fixed an issue where human tracks (related to various missions) would show a random animal icon in the Tracking HUD
  • Fixed issue where mounting weapons on gun racks during multiplayer session would prevent player from entering their trophy lodge again
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to harvest the same animal multiple times under severe network lag
  • Fixed issue where confirmation prompt would remain on screen after closing Store, and could result in buying wrong item
  • Fixed issue with ATV prompt showing for all players in a multiplayer game
  • Huntermate will not show black screen now when user fast travels between outposts in Te Awaroa reserve


  • Fixed issue that made it impossible to jump or go prone after fast travelling from a treestand
  • Various crash fixes


  • New left and right stick deadzone settings in System > Gamepad menu
  • New mouse smoothing option in System > Keyboard / Mouse menu
  • Text chat in multiplayer is now supported for Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese (only on PC, game’s and system’s language need to match)
  • There is now a warning if you bind the same key/button to multiple actions (it’s still possible to do it but it will help you avoid an error and give you a chance to cancel if you made a mistake)
  • We added a limit of maximum 5 Trophy Lodges of each type (this is needed to solve certain save issues and ensure they won’t happen in the future; your lodges won’t be deleted if you’re over that limit but you won’t be able to create more lodges)