Trophy Lodge Patch Notes

Published on April 11th, 2019 by Mat

PC Patch 1.33
Xbox Patch 1.28
PS4 Patch 1.23

New Feature: Trophy Lodge - Spring Creek Manor
Showcase your best animals in your very own Trophy Lodge. Plaques and full body mounts of different sizes allow you to present your harvests in a variety of different poses. Invite your friends to your Trophy Lodge or travel to theirs in Single and Multiplayer.
When in a reserve, open the Pause Menu, navigate to the new “Trophy Lodge” Button in the left navigation strip. Create a new Trophy Lodge from the available Lodges - Spring Creek Manor being the first available lodge. Select the newly created Trophy Lodge and “Go to Lodge” in order to travel there.
Once in your lodge, you can switch between “Edit” and “View” mode and can follow the on-screen controls.

Please note that creating a Trophy Lodge requires ownership of the Trophy Lodge DLC.
You can travel to other player’s lodges without owning the DLC.
Once a Trophy Lodge is created but the ownership is revoked, you can still travel to your created lodge but access to the Edit mode is denied until ownership is restored.

New Feature: Trophy Manager
When harvesting an animal, you are now able to taxidermize or save it for later. Taxidermy comes with a cost but you can save the animal for later taxidermy.
When in the Trophy Lodge, you can access your Trophy Manager to taxidermize saved animals, retrieve already put up animals or simply browse your collection.

Trophy Manager, Taxidermy or saving animals does not require any additional ownership and is granted with access to the base game.

Change Log:

-Fixed issue of Roosevelt Elk changing size when idle or walking
-Holding Breath no longer toggles sprinting
-Fixed issue of Red Deer mating call not being audible
-Fixed issue of European Bison not creating HUD element nor audio when calling
-Fixed issue of not being able to hit Blue Wildebeest’s brain
-Fixed issue of the wounded deer not spawning correctly during Fleischer - Returning the Favor mission
-Fixed issue of antlers & horns becoming offset if the animal was harvested in a multiplayer game by a non-shooter
-Fixed issue of Gemsbok overextending neck when reaching to the side while eating
-Fixed issue of Snort Wheeze caller listed as compatible for Mule Deer
-Fixed issue of several animals’ fur variation missing in the Harvest Screen
-Fixed issues with binoculars in 3rd person animations
-Fixed visual issue when going from stand to prone with Cacciatore 12G while aiming down sights
-Bolt-action rechambering animation no longer plays when firing SA shotguns with Muscle Memory 1
-Fixed issue of shooting Red Deer in the skull hurting its foot
-Reintroduced animation for changing zeroing leaf on KING 470DB
-Unlocking Zeroing no longer requires both Breath Control and Steady Hands but only one of them
-Fixed animation issue with Cacciatore 12G when chambering next shell after aiming down sights
-STRECKER 20GA no longer plays leaf animation when changing the zeroing
-Fixed issue with being able to endlessly chamber bullets on the Cacciatore 12G while aiming with Manual Chambering being switched on
-Fixed visual issues when using Deer Grunt Caller