Patch 1.13/1.17

Published on December 20th, 2018 by Ann-Charlotte

Hey Hunters

We are currently investigating performance issues and bad frame rates at the moment. We released a patch today for both Xbox and PS4 with first improvements for the reported issues and are working on a bigger push now. The issue seems to be related to multiplayer, so your performance might improve when playing singleplayer instead.

We are also investigating issues related to completing missions, using inventory and codex and finding matches in multiplayer and will keep you updated about our progress. All feedback is very welcome and feel free to contact us on Twitter, Facebook, or our support at [email protected]

Please see the full patch notes below:

Patch Notes Patch 1.13/1.17

  • Fixed issue of Cinnamon Teal spawning under terrain
  • Pumas no longer travel to the same need zones
  • Fixed performance issue after firing shotguns
  • Fixed issue of contextual help not triggering
  • Several crash fixes
  • Fixed issue of not being able to move items between storage and backpack until restarting the game
  • Cinnamon Teals no longer get spooked as they are spawned
  • Ambient wind is not longer cutting in and out
  • Improved hit detection of Challenge Targets
  • Fixed offset price text in in-game store
  • Night birds no longer bounce position while playing audio
  • Improved frame rate performance
  • Fixed issue with doors not playing audio

Happy Hunting

// theHunter: Call of the Wild Team