Hello Hunters!
We want to thank you all very much for hunting in Vurhonga Savanna!


We are pleased to announce that after listening to player feedback we can offer a new console update with fixes and updates for Vurhonga Savanna! For Xbox users this is available for download now, PS4 will be arriving later this week (aiming for September 12th).


A new Snort Wheeze caller will help to lure in the animals in Vurhonga, Lesser Kudu, Springbok and Blue Wildebeest. The animal populations of Springbok, Lesser Kudu and Warthog have been increased while animal senses of Lesser Kudu, Springbok, Blue Wildebeest and Scrub Hare have been tuned down to levels similar to the other reserves. Additionally, the Wild Boar caller will now also attract Warthog without additional skill needs.


The price of both ammunition and the 470DB KING itself have been reduced and we are looking at possibilities what to do for players who already bought the rifle. And finally the last big point: settings for manual reload / chambering as well as track colors now save correctly and there is an improved mix for audio (crickets, cicada and more).
As always, please let us know what you think and how this changes the Savanna for you.


Happy Hunting,
Your theHunter: Call of the Wild Team



Full patch notes


*Fixed issue with incorrect collision of bridge
*Fixed issue with footprint clue cone not matching hunter mate cone
*Fixed several collision issues
*Fixed issue of players being forced to leave multiplayer session even due to DLC ownership
*Fixed issue of KING 470DB not unlocking in in-game store after meeting weapon score requirement
*Fixed issue of not being able to pick up certain collectibles in Vurhonga Savanna
*Improved density of leaves
*Corrected warthog animation while sprinting
*Corrected contextual help voice over for Side Striped Jackal
*Fixed issue with Cape Buffalo getting stuck in vegetation
*Fixed issues with being unable to interact with landmarks
*New caller: Snort Wheeze caller to lure in Lesser Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Springbok (and Whitetail Deer) *Warthogs can now be called with the Wild Boar caller
*Updated codex to reflect caller changes
*Price of .470DB ammunition will be reduced to 2.000 and 2.660
*Price of .470DB KING will be reduced to 90.000
*Tuned down animal senses of Lesser Kudu, Springbok, Blue Wildebeest and Scrub Hare to levels similar to other reserves
*Increased animal population of Springbok, Lesser Kudu and Warthog
*Fixed issue with Melanistic Lesser Kudu appearing too often
*Fixed issue with Lesser Kudu scoring
*Cape Buffalo difficulty range increased from 1 – 5 to 1 – 9
*Side-Striped Jackal difficulty range increased from 1 – 5 to 1 – 9
*Fixed issue with Main Mission “The Ghost Tree”
*Fixed issue with Main Mission “Hunter and Hunted”
*Fixed issue with Side Mission “Hunting Springbok”
*Improved audio mix (crickets, cicada and more)
*Fixed issue with animal calls not being audible
*Fixed issue with Manual Reload, Manual Chambering and color settings for tracks not saving
*Fixed issue regarding “A Match for the Widowmaker” achievement


Gameplay Fixes
*Fixed issue that locks user out of input (Xbox One)
*Fixed issue that prevented players from completing “Dr. Anatoly Barnyashev Arc” achievement (Xbox One & PlayStation 4)
*Fixed issue preventing players to complete side mission achievements in Medved Taiga (Xbox One & PlayStation 4)


Miscellaneous Fixes
*Crashfix during loading and signing out of profile (Xbox One)