Hello Hunters!

We are very pleased to announce that Vurhonga Savanna is now out for PC and Xbox/PS4!

Vurhonga Savanna is the latest hunting reserve to be added to theHunter: Call of the Wild. After our addition of Medved-Taiga with its icy environment – it’s time to throw away the warm coat and encounter new animals such as the Blue Wildebeest, Lesser Kudu, Cape Buffalo and many more. Vurhonga brings a new reserve warden, Njabulo Tshabangu who needs your help to restore the reserve back to former health. New animals require new equipment, so check out the new .470DB KING rifle which comes with this DLC.

Simultaneously we’ll also release an additional patch containing a list of bug-fixes and improvements. This will be free of charge and you’ll be able to download it directly to your consoles or PC. The patch with bug-fixes is already available for PC, while the console patch will be released next week.


Please read on for the full patch notes and additional improvements further below:


Full Patch Notes



New reserve: Vurhonga Savanna (Paid DLC)

*New species: Cape Buffalo, Springbok, Warthog, Side-Striped Jackal, Blue Wildebeest, Scrub Hare, Lesser Kudu
*New missions: 16 main & 46 side missions
*New reserve warden: Njabulo Tshabangu
*New weapon: KING 470DB in two variations, APEX & ZENITH
*New ammunition: .470 Nitro Express Soft Point & Full Metal Jacket ammunition
*New equipment: Reflex Sight for KING 470DB & STRECKER 20GA SXS
*New outfit: Savanna Warden (DLC not required, available for in-game currency)
*Please note that the new reserve, weapon, ammunition and equipment is available via the new, paid DLC “theHunter™: Call of the Wild – Vurhonga Savanna”
*Added 12 new achievements related to Vurhonga Savanna
*Added Waypoint system to missions in Vurhonga Savanna


Improvements (Free update)



Gameplay Fixes

*Fixed an issue that causes animals to vanish after being shot
*Fixed issue that prevented players from completing “Dr. Anatoly Barnyashev Arc” achievement (Xbox One & PlayStation 4)
*Fixed issue that prevented players from completing “Dr. Columbus Neidell Arc” achievement (Xbox One & PlayStation 4)
*Fix for negative score on Harvest Screen
*Fixed DLC ownership checks which would sometimes lead to items not showing up in inventory and shop
*Fixed issue of Geese getting stuck after landing and being spooked
*Fixed issue preventing players to complete side mission achievements in Medved Taiga (Xbox One & PlayStation 4)
*Increased the damage output for the COACHMATE LEVER .45-70 for both ammunition types (Steam)
*Fixed issue where non-layout blinds would apply visibility while aiming
*Geese no longer create hunting pressure
*Fixed issue that locks user out of input (Xbox One)


User Interface Fixes

*Fixed issue with blood tracks being very hard to see in Medved-Taiga
*Add correct DLC tags for items in in-game shop
*Fixed issue that would display shotgun hits from previous harvests in the Harvest Screen
*Multiplayer name tags no longer get stuck on screen when disabling them in the settings
*Correctly display weapon icons in HUD
*Correctly aligned scent icons in HUD
*Improved feedback when trying to place Geese Decoy that would exceed the possible maximum that can be placed
*Fixed issue that displays the wrong icon whether ATV is allowed in a multiplayer game
*Added correct image for Geese Decoys in the Quick Access Menu
*Added setting to choose color when spotting animals
*Fixed issue where the HUD would carry over skill / perk icons into a New Game
*Fixed issue with displaying the “Beaver” message when placing items in invalid areas
*Using only single icon for goose decoys instead of several based on distance to improve performance


Miscellaneous Fixes

*Crashfix on signing-out very early during initialization
*Crashfix during loading and signing out of profile (Xbox One)
*Improved saving when going to Main Menu
*Bug fix that kept geese moving after dying while part of a group
*Fixed issue in Medved-Taiga that would spawn the wrong “boss” animal