July 16th, 2018



Hello Hunters!
We are excited to announce that we now have the official release dates (since it will be a split release) for the new (free) geese update as well as its accompanying paid DLC, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The reason the release has been staggered is due to the differing release requirements for the various platforms/regions. We just wanted to give you some extra information about when you can expect to receive the geese update:


*July 17th: the patch and DLC will be released for Xbox One and Sony US (PlayStation 4 America)
*July 18th: the patch will be available for Sony EU (PlayStation 4 Europe), and its DLC will be published July 19th.
We really hope that you enjoy this most recent update to theHunter: Call of the Wild and hope it will add a new challenge to your hunts on Hirschfelden!
/theHunter: Call of the Wild Team