Console News – The Jackrabbit Update and Weapons Pack 1 DLC

Hello Hunters!


We just wanted to give you some extra information about when you can expect to receive the jackrabbit update (free) and Weapons pack 1 DLC ($3.99/€3.99). Oh, and we have some patch notes!

The content itself will start roll-out just about now (the free Jackrabbit update for PlayStation 4 users), and releases will continue until Thursday when the last update/region will be released.  The reason the release has been staggered is due to the differing release requirements for the various platforms/regions. Regrettably the Weapons Pack DLC for European PS4 users is releasing somewhat later than other regions due to a national holiday that Sony Europe will be observing. For the complete release schedule please see below:


7th May (today): Jackrabbit Update – PlayStation 4 – All regions
8th May: Weapons Pack 1 DLC – PlayStation 4 – America
8th May: Jackrabbit Update AND Weapons Pack 1 DLC – Xbox (All Regions)
10th May: Weapons Pack 1 DLC – PlayStation 4 – Europe


Unfortunately we have no specific times we can provide, but we wanted to you to know at least approximately when you can get your hands on these latest goodies!

Speaking of which, and now on to our release notes:



All Outposts now feature interiors and can be entered when resting
– New species: White-tailed Jackrabbit in Layton Lake
– New weapon: Crosspoint CB-165
– New weapon: Virant .22LR Semi-Automatic Rifle
– New weapon: Houyi Recurve Bow
– New scope: Hawken 1-5X30 Crossbow Scope
– Please note that these new weapons and the scope are available via the new, paid DLC “theHunter: Call of the Wild – Weapon Pack 1″


User Interface
– Added new icons on Huntermate and map for every clue type
– Connections between clues on the Huntermate and map that are not in sequence now display a dotted line if the player has the connect the dots skill
– Fixed an issue where the last interacted directional clue would sometimes not display the direction of the next clue


– Huntermate has been optimized and is now smoother and has less impact on performance


We really do hope that you enjoy this most recent update to theHunter: Call of the Wild, and as ever we are eager to hear your feedback on our social media!

/theHunter: Call of the Wild Team