Update 1.19 – The Jackrabbit (And New Weapon Pack 1 DLC)

Hello Hunters,


It’s an exciting day today, we have a two part PC release for you to enjoy!  


First up we have our first small game animal to hit the reserves, the jackrabbit. The jackrabbit is the larger cousin to your typical cottontail rabbit, and prefers to live above ground rather than in burrows. Their sharp senses and lightning-fast speed are sure to give even the most experienced hunter a very new type of challenge!


Jackrabbits will be available to all players free of charge .


Our second part of today’s update consists of a new paid Weapon Pack DLC ($3.99/€3.99 or local equivalent).  This new bundle contains a triple-threat of three new tools to fill out your hunting arsenal, the Virant .22LR Semi-Automatic Rifle, the Houyi Recurve Bow, and the Crosspoint CB-165 crossbow (and accompanying scope).  From the snappy follow-up shots offered by the Virant, to the stealthy but hard-hitting punch of the Crosspoint CB-165, there’s all kinds of options available to you with these new weapons in your pack. And of course, there’s a variety of skins to choose from included as a part of the bundle.


We’ve had great fun putting together this new update, and we hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we have putting it together.  As always, if you have any thoughts, comments, or feedback we would be very pleased to hear from you either on our Steam Community Hub or social media.


Note to console players – We aim to have this content arriving for you within the next 4 weeks (due to extra processes/testing), more news on that will come as we have it.


Happy Hunting,

theHunter: Call of the Wild Team





*New species: White-tailed Jackrabbit in Layton Lake

*New weapon: Crosspoint CB-165

*New weapon: Virant .22LR Semi-Automatic Rifle

*New weapon: Houyi Recurve Bow

*New scope: Hawken 1-5X30 Crossbow Scope

Please note that these new weapons and the scope are available via the new, paid DLC “theHunter™: Call of the Wild – Weapon Pack 1



*Fixed issue where Red Deer Scent was only purchasable once


User Interface

*Added new icons on Huntermate and map for every clue type

*Connections between clues on the Huntermate and map that are not in sequence now display a dotted line if the player has the connect the dots skill

*Fixed an issue where the last interacted directional clue would sometimes not display the direction of the next clue



*Improved environment sound mix for Hirschfelden and Layton Lake



*Huntermate has been optimized and is now smoother and has less impact on performance

*Fixed an issue when joining Steam friends through Steam overlay