Post-Patch Information: Medved-Taiga/March Update

Medved-Taiga and our March Update are now live, or in the process of rolling out in most regions. We have many players logged in right now enjoying the new changes and hunting reserve, but there are some stand-out issues we are investigating. As such we wished to give you some updates on them:


Missing 7mm Empress Rifle, 12G Gamekeeper Shotgun, and .44 Wildcat – we have located the cause of this particular error and will correct it via an additional patch. No action from players is needed and nothing will be lost.


Issue with .270 “Stradivarius” rifle. This particular rifle was planned as upcoming content but it has been added early, full functionality will be coming soon. Apologies for any confusion caused.


Unable to open/play Medved-Taiga. Please read here for more information:


Performance related issues (PS4) – we are currently monitoring reports and investigating potential solutions. As this is not affecting all players we are keen to get some information to aid our investigations, more specifically save files.


Instructions to retrieve your save file can be found here:


Xbox One:


We’d be grateful if you could send these along with a description of your issue, and platform you are playing on, to [email protected]