Deep Breath. One Shot.

The Ultimate Hunting Experience

Available For PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4


Experience Hunting

theHunter: Call of the Wild offers the most immersive hunting experience ever created. Step into a beautiful open world teeming with life, from majestic deer and awe-inspiring bison down to the countless birds, critters and insects of the wilderness. Experience complex animal behaviour, dynamic weather events, full day and night cycles, simulated ballistics, highly realistic acoustics, scents carried by a completely revamped wind system, and much more. All systems work together to increase immersion and bring out the hunter in you.

Explore the Open World

Explore 50 square miles of varied terrain, ranging from wetlands and dense forests to lush valleys and open farm fields. The vast world of theHunter: Call of the Wild is split up into separate and distinct hunting reserves, each one filled with surprises and memorable moments. Every inch of the wilderness is crafted using Apex – Avalanche Open World Engine, award-winning technology crafted during a decade of developing explosive action games.

Share Your Experiences

In addition to its rich single player experience, theHunter: Call of the Wild offers unique multiplayer options. Join up to 8 friends (or complete strangers!) in cooperative and competitive modes. Enjoy a wide range of in-game challenges, missions and events. Hunting is more rewarding and exciting with friends, so share your experiences and earn those bragging rights.

Become a Hunter

Acquire and equip a wide range of rifles, handguns and bows and customize them with scopes and different ammunition types. Find and master your favorites. Develop your character by unlocking various skills and equipment. Learn how to use callers and scents, but above all study your prey: pay close attention to animal behavior, traits and patterns of movement.


Update 1.19 - The Jackrabbit (And New Weapon Pack 1 DLC)

April 12, 2018
Hello Hunters,   It’s an exciting day today, we have a two part PC release for...
Hello Hunters,   It’s an exciting day today, we have a two part PC release for you to enjoy!     First up we have our first small game animal to hit the reserves, the jackrabbit. The jackrabbit is the larger cousin to your typical cottontail rabbit, and prefers to live above ground rather than in burrows. Their sharp senses and lightning-fast speed are sure to give even the most experienced hunter a very new type of challenge!   Jackrabbits will be available to all players free of charge .   Our second part of today’s update consists of a new paid Weapon Pack DLC ($3.99/€3.99 or local equivalent).  This new bundle contains a triple-threat of three new tools to fill out your hunting arsenal, the Virant .22LR Semi-Automatic Rifle, the Houyi Recurve Bow, and the Crosspoint CB-165 crossbow (and accompanying scope).  From the snappy follow-up shots offered by the Virant, to the stealthy but hard-hitting punch of the Crosspoint CB-165, there’s all kinds of options available to you with these new weapons in your pack. And of course, there’s a variety of skins to choose from included as a part of the bundle.   We’ve had great fun putting together this new update, and we hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we have putting it together.  As always, if you have any thoughts, comments, or feedback we would be very pleased to hear from you either on our Steam Community Hub or social media.   Note to console players - We aim to have this content arriving for you within the next 4 weeks (due to extra processes/testing), more news on that will come as we have it.   Happy Hunting, theHunter: Call of the Wild Team   PATCH NOTES:   Features *New species: White-tailed Jackrabbit in Layton Lake *New weapon: Crosspoint CB-165 *New weapon: Virant .22LR Semi-Automatic Rifle *New weapon: Houyi Recurve Bow *New scope: Hawken 1-5X30 Crossbow Scope Please note that these new weapons and the scope are available via the new, paid DLC “theHunter™: Call of the Wild - Weapon Pack 1   Gameplay *Fixed issue where Red Deer Scent was only purchasable once   User Interface *Added new icons on Huntermate and map for every clue type *Connections between clues on the Huntermate and map that are not in sequence now display a dotted line if the player has the connect the dots skill *Fixed an issue where the last interacted directional clue would sometimes not display the direction of the next clue   Audio *Improved environment sound mix for Hirschfelden and Layton Lake   Miscellaneous *Huntermate has been optimized and is now smoother and has less impact on performance *Fixed an issue when joining Steam friends through Steam overlay

Post-Patch Information: Medved-Taiga/March Update

March 6, 2018
Medved-Taiga and our March Update are now live, or in the process of rolling out in most regions....
Medved-Taiga and our March Update are now live, or in the process of rolling out in most regions. We have many players logged in right now enjoying the new changes and hunting reserve, but there are some stand-out issues we are investigating. As such we wished to give you some updates on them:   Missing 7mm Empress Rifle, 12G Gamekeeper Shotgun, and .44 Wildcat - we have located the cause of this particular error and will correct it via an additional patch. No action from players is needed and nothing will be lost.   Issue with .270 “Stradivarius” rifle. This particular rifle was planned as upcoming content but it has been added early, full functionality will be coming soon. Apologies for any confusion caused.   Unable to open/play Medved-Taiga. Please read here for more information:   Performance related issues (PS4) - we are currently monitoring reports and investigating potential solutions. As this is not affecting all players we are keen to get some information to aid our investigations, more specifically save files.   Instructions to retrieve your save file can be found here: PS4: Xbox One:   We’d be grateful if you could send these along with a description of your issue, and platform you are playing on, to [email protected]  

Patch Notes: Medved-Taiga and March Update for PS4/Xbox One

March 5, 2018
Hello Hunters,   We are very pleased to bring you our first paid DLC for Xbox/PS4,...
Hello Hunters,   We are very pleased to bring you our first paid DLC for Xbox/PS4, Medved Taiga! Simultaneously we’ll also release a "March Update" patch containing a whole host of bug-fixes and improvements, this is of course free of charge and you’ll be able to download it directly to your consoles. Both the DLC and updates are released during March 5th/6th 2018, and will roll-out during this period dependent on your region (please note that the Medved-Taiga content is included in the Patch itself, so as such some of you may be able to purchase and enjoy the new DLC as early as today).  Please see a summary of changes here, or read on for the full patch notes further below:   -Added Medved-Taiga (optional paid DLC), a new hunting area that includes 32 main missions, 50 side missions, 4 new huntable animal species, and more. You can purchase this reserve to start games on it or join a multiplayer game with this reserve for free.  Check the Xbox Games Store or PSN store for more information   -Various game improvements including multiplayer spotting, customizable color variations for active/inactive tracks and collectibles, backpacks, and more.   -Numerous bug fixes and mission fixes   Full Patch Notes   Medved-Taiga (Paid DLC)   *Added Medved-Taiga Reserve - 25 square miles of new hunting ground *Added Lynx, Brown Bear, Reindeer, Musk Deer *Added 32 main and 50 side missions *Added new narrative and reserve “warden”, Alena with new voice over *Added Arctic Outfit (Medved-Taiga not needed, available for in-game currency)   Major Changes (Free Update)   *Multiplayer Spotting - When you spot an animal with your binoculars, all players in your proximity also see that animal highlighted in the game world. *Xbox: Added Host Migration - This will allow you to keep playing the multiplayer session when the host leaves. A new host will be chosen by the game automatically. *Overhauled all audio (increased quality and higher usage) *Added setting for color variations to active / inactive tracks and collectibles *HUD can now be enabled / disabled in the Settings *New sound for predator - “Distressed” caller *Added backpacks *Added manual reload *Added manual chambering *Animals no longer get stuck when luring them to an outpost *Added player death sequence and ragdoll *Updated hit reaction and injured animations for bears *Codex is now opened automatically when interacting with landmarks and cairns - this also works retroactively *Exchanged the voice over line for “There is a track nearby” *Updated reserve selection screen *Added new loading screens *Updated footstep sounds for animals depending on material they walk on *Red Deer will now poop correctly *Fixed thoraic spine shots on moose *Bow and arrow of other players are now held in their different hands *Additional animations for bears when spooked *Improved syncing of reload animations for shotguns (every skill level) *Old clues from actively tracked animals no longer disappear randomly *Increased the 12-Gauge Buckshot’s base damage per pellet *Fixed bug where the pellet spread for the Caversham 12-gauge shotgun was very wide with all ammo types   Minor Changes (Free Update)   *Added weapon score information to Hunter Profile Card *Unlimited ammunition is no longer displayed when entering the shooting range with a weapon without ammunition *Setting the compass to “fixed” now works properly with only the needle rotating *Added holstering sounds for rifles *Improved bleed rates *Fixed display bug with “Ranger” perk regarding distances *Added player death notifications in the chat log *Player name colors now match player icons on the map *Added contextual help for ATV when entering for the first time *Multiplayer harvest messages in the chat will now display the accumulated harvest score for the animal harvested instead of the base animal score. *Fixed reindeer internal organ skinning *Improved bear internal organ shoulder skinning *Improved antler rattler sound *Fixed bug where using multiple weapons using the same ammunition could result in a negative total ammunition count.   Mission Changes (Free Update)   *A FAMILY PICTURE: changed objective from taking a photo of 2 bears in one photo to a two photos of 2 different bears. *JÄGER #4: changed deer rank requirement from GOLD to SILVER and added a distance requirement *JÄGER #7: changed deer rank condition from GOLD to SILVER *SOMMER #2: removed the high scoring animal requirement. *SOMMER #7: changed the amount of GOLD score roe deer harvests needed from 4 to 2 *BEATTY #4: changed trophy rating from GOLD to SILVER and tweaked photography parameters to make it easier to take a suitable photo *SCENIC WEATHER #2: photography objective will now accept a greater diversity of photos and is easier to complete *BEATTY #4: clarified the trophy score requirement for the moose *BEATTY #7 - Changed weight requirement from 650 to 520 *JÄGER #4: clarified the exact trophy score requirements for the fallow deer *THE WERECOYOTE - Fixed an issue where the Werecoyote was not spawning for some players *CONNI #10 - Removed the game score requirement *SOMMER #7 - Changed the location requirement from Spreeberg Castle to Spreeberg, the game score requirement from "GOLD or greater" to "SILVER or greater,” and the required amount of harvests from 2 to 3 *BHANDARI #3 - Removed the game score requirement *FLEISCHER #3 - Removed game score requirement and changed the mission to require 2 harvests instead of just 1 *FLEISCHER #5 - Changed the location from Jonsdorf Lake to Jonsdorf and the weight requirement from 120 to 180 or greater *HOPE #5 - changed the harvested animal from blacktail deer to whitetail deer *HOPE #7 - Changed the harvest animal from blacktail deer to whitetail deer *HOPE #8 - Removed shotgun requirement and changed the required amount of harvests from 1 to 2 *DOC #7 - Removed score requirement *DOC #9 - changed the required location from Kraken Highs to Mount Kraken and removed the weight requirement *DOC #18 - Updated the objective description to include the bow requirement *DOC #20 - Removed GOLD score and during night requirement *VUALEZ #9 - Removed game score requirement *CONNORS #10 - Changed the total score requirement from GOLD to SILVER *JÄGER #4 - removed the distance requirement for this mission *SOMMER #7 - changed the required location from Spreeberg Castle to Spreeberg

theHunter: Call of the Wild for Xbox One and PlayStation®4

August 22, 2017
Avalanche Studios and Expansive Worlds are excited to reveal the release date for theHunter: Call of the Wild for Xbox...
Avalanche Studios and Expansive Worlds are excited to reveal the release date for theHunter: Call of the Wild for Xbox One and PlayStation®4. It will arrive on consoles October 2, 2017 and is priced at $39.99. The console version contains the main game plus the Tents & Ground Blinds DLC and the ATV DLC.   Find the official trailer here.