Weapon Pack 2 Release!

Published on February 28th, 2019 by Ann-Charlotte

Hello Hunters!

Today marks the release of our new Weapon Pack 2! This new paid DLC will roll on all platforms throughout the day.

A brand new weapon pack has just been delivered to our wardens, and they're excited to present an incredible combination of new world finesse and old-school reliability with the Grelck Drilling Rifle, the Solokhin MN1890, and the Mangiafico 410 / 45 Colt Revolver.

This update also contains a list of (free) in-game fixes such as improved first person animations, performance improvements on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and various crash fixes.

The Weapon Pack 2 DLC will be available in the store to purchase before the patch that brings the game content is available to download. This means that you can buy the DLC but can't play it yet (as the patch will be out later today). So the DLC will be out first and the patch will come out later!

You can read more about the new Weapon Pack on our Steam store page, or find the full Weapon Pack 2 content summary and the patch notes down below:

Patch Notes:
PC Patch 1.31
Xbox Patch 1.26
PS4 Patch 1.21

New Weapon Pack (Paid DLC)

  • New weapon: Grelck Drilling Rifle, a three-barreled combination gun that sports two side-by-side 16 gauge shotgun barrels atop a single rifle barrel chambered in 9.3x74R. The weapon is available in 3 color variations.
  • New weapon: Mangiafico 410 / 45 Colt Revolver, a versatile handgun that can be loaded with .410 shotshells or .45 Long Colt. The weapon is available in 3 color variations.
  • New weapon: Solokhin MN1890, a combat-tested rifle chambered in 7.62x54R. The weapon is available in 3 color variations.
  • New scope: Falcon 3-9x44mm Scope for the Grelck Drilling rifle \

Please note that these new weapons and the scope are available via the new, paid DLC "theHunter™: Call of the Wild - Weapon Pack 2"

General In-Game Improvements (Free)


  • Pumas no longer freeze when alerted
  • Updated the texture on the Helios scope so it is less dark
  • Fixed alpha fault on Cinnamon Teal feathers
  • Fixed issue of losing equipment that has been placed in multiplayer when not being the host
  • Fixed issue with downed birds despawning before being harvested
  • Fixed issue with the camera bobbing up and down when not moving
  • Changing reserve from the shooting range no longer grants infinite ammo
  • Arctic Outfit no longer obscures iron sights on Caversham 12G when aiming
  • Fixed issue with Lion making few warning and mating calls
  • Changed the description of "Moby Deer" achievement to specify that albino deer must be harvested in Hirschfelden or Layton Lake
  • Renamed Storage, Locker and Inventory when using the Store in order to name it consistently
  • Gemsbok now correctly triggers its sprint audio
  • Focused Shot perk works correctly with iron sights
  • Edited home ranges in Parque Fernando to allow more animals to appear in the North West extremes of the reserve (Tierra Altas, Basque Muerto and Estepa Dorada).

First Person Animation Improvements

  • Improved synchronization for reloading animations
  • Added transitions from hipshot to sprint
  • Fixed issue with antler rattler animation when prone
  • Fixed issue of lever action rifles reloading one bullet too many
  • Fixed "floating" arrow during reload animation when crouched with crossbow
  • Fixed animation issue when firing handgun from hip and then going into aim
  • Fixed issue when walking with revolver while aiming down scope
  • Fixed issue with manual chambering animation on over-under shotguns
  • Fixed issue of bullets being invisible when reloading lever action rifles
  • Fixed issue of floating arm when going prone while aiming with a handgun
  • Fixed issue of twisting arms when reloading handgun while crouched and aiming
  • Left hand no longer clips through scope when reloading the Whitlock Model 86
  • .22 Virant no longer shows bullets in the magazine when reloading an empty magazine
  • Right hand no longer disappears when switching weapon while aiming with a bow
  • Magazine of .270 now gets put into the correct place when reloading
  • Aim toggle and autowalk on 5X30 Rangefinder no longer causes infinite animation loop
  • Player arm no longer disappears when changing weapon during aiming while using a bow
  • Reload animations no longer end abruptly if there is no ammunition left
  • Compound and Recurve bow no longer shoot additional "ghost arrows"

User Interface

  • New reserve selection screen in Main Menu
  • Improved navigation of multiplayer lobbies with a gamepad
  • Fixed issue of "All" filter not showing any multiplayer sessions
  • Fixed issue of being able to equip ammo or sights belonging to different weapon classes than selected weapon
  • Fixed issue of wrong items showing up when using the "compatible items" function in the store
  • Updated reserve thumbnails on PlayStation 4
  • "Savanna Warden Outfit" text is no longer truncated
  • Loading screens now correctly show the reserve you are traveling to


  • Fixed issue with Puma not appearing in mission "Cornered"
  • Fixed issue of not being able to interact with flowers in "Flowers for Vincente" side mission
  • Fixed issue of not being able to place a puma trophy in Parque Fernando that is of dark red color variation
  • Moved certain mission waypoints that overlapped with outposts, making it difficult to fast travel to those outposts


  • Performance improvements on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, especially when using scopes or binoculars
  • Performance improvements when spawning animals
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fixed crash when despawning animals

We really hope you enjoy this most recent update to theHunter: Call of the Wild!

// your theHunter: Call of the Wild Team