Treestand and Tripod Pack Available Now

Published on June 3rd, 2019

Hello Hunters,

We are pleased to announce that the Treestand and Tripod Pack is now live!

The Treestand and Tripod Pack is an optional paid DLC ($3.99/€3.99 or local equivalent) that allows you to take on an entirely new perspective on hunting from the raised position of dedicated stands.

For full details please read our patch notes below:

New Features

  • New Equipment: Treestand
    The staple of a patient hunter, the Deployable Treestand allows you to bide your time until the perfect opportunity to catch the animal unaware. Check your environment for a fitting tree for your ambush, place your stand at an appropriate height and climb up to your new perch. You can also easily adjust and replace it if you are unhappy with your initial placement. Once you’re ready, sit back, relax and watch as you await the opportunity to take that perfect shot. Additionally, it reduces your impact on your surroundings, reducing hunting pressure significantly. There are three different variations available, upon purchase of the “Treestand & Tripod Pack” DLC you will find one of each in your-in-game storage. Additional stands can be purchased with in-game currency up to a total of 32 Treestands per reserve.

  • New Equipment: Tripod Stand
    With a 360° rotation capability, the Deployable Tripod Stand allows you a better vantage point even when there are no trees around. The Tripod Stand is an excellent way to gain an overview of your surroundings and allows you to spot animals from a much greater distance. On top of that, they will keep you concealed, are lightweight and easy to deploy and lowers your hunting pressure on your environment. As with Treestands there are three different variations available, one each of which you will find in your in-game storage after purchasing the DLC, likewise you may have up to 32 total Tripod Stands per reserve.

When owning the DLC, visit the closest storage where you can find one Treestand and one Tripod Stand of each variation. Drag them into your backpack and equip them in your inventory. Just like with previous deployables, equip the Treestand or Tripod and you will see a “ghost” model in white if your placement is valid or in red if not. For Treestands, having it equipped will highlight valid trees in your vicinity, aim at a highlighted tree for higher or lower placement and walk around the tree to change the direction it faces.

  • New Feature: Reduced Hunting Pressure when in hunting structures
    All hunting structures now create drastically less hunting pressure to better support stationary hunting.

  • TruRACS: Introduced to Roosevelt Elk

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where pre-TruRACS Whitetail and Blacktail racks were no longer visible in trophy lodges
  • Changed Fleischer #10 mission so that it no longer requires to harvest specifically a red deer
  • Fixed issue with King of Rifles side mission where the mission could not be completed by downing a lion or a gemsbok and corrected the objective
  • Fixed issue with multiplayer challenges not updating correctly when they are finished
  • Added confirmation dialogue when overwriting a saved harvest in the Trophy Manager
  • Fixed issue with 45/410 iron sight that made it hard to see between the rear sights
  • Fixed issue with missing water in Parque Fernando
  • Fellow multiplayer hunters no longer hold their Huntermates sideways
  • Added Codex pages for tents and ground blinds
  • Fixed issue where switching reserve or exiting and re-entering reserve from a hunting structure granted visibility and noise bonuses
  • Fixed issue where the cylinder on the revolvers would not rotate correctly
  • Fixed issue where ATV icon was missing in server list if vehicles were allowed on PS4
  • Stability fixes to Layton Lake District