Xbox Hot Fix

Published on July 3rd, 2019 by Mat

Hello Xbox Users,

Here are the notes for Yesterdays patch, please note this patch was released outside office hours, hence the delay in the notes. Also worth mentioning this is the same patch that PC users got last week and not the mentioned Hotfix in last nights stream, more fixes to come!

Bug Fixes & Game Improvements

  • Crash fixes related to new save game system
  • Fixed issue in new save system when trying to save a save game attached to the old system
  • Fixed issue in save system when converting old save games when photography missions objectives were active
  • Fixed issue of hidden requirements in Main Mission “The Cost of Control”
  • Fixed issue with horns of the Plain Bison being offset, especially in Trophy Lodge
  • Fixed issue with clients not being able to see need zones of a host in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue with missing fur variation on Gray Wolf
  • Fixed issue with caller for Wolves sometimes not working
  • Fixed issue with progress toward some achievements not incrementing correctly
  • Fixed issue with Wolves sometimes not doing mating calls
  • Various localization corrections