Calling All Hunters


As a game developer with a long history of both playing and working with the original theHunter game, it’s very exciting (and admittedly, slightly nerve wracking) to finally get to reveal theHunter: Call of the Wild to the public.

I hope that this new game in the theHunter franchise will not replace, but rather expand and complement the original game. With that in mind, I have approached the sequel, next installment or, whatever you want to call it, with great care.

The first time I played the original theHunter was in early 2009, almost a whole year before I had the fortune – or stroke of luck – to join the company that made the game and continue development where a bunch of other people left off.

Working closely together with the community and its dedicated players has been an incredibly interesting, educating and humbling experience over the years. Hard and frustrating at times, but in the end worth every effort. It is my sincere hope that players of the original theHunter will also be able to enjoy this new game and appreciate its slightly different direction, content and purpose.

My motivation as Game Director on this project has been to expand and move the activity of hunting into a larger context to add even greater immersion to the end result. I have always felt that the world of the original theHunter could have contained even more in terms of wildlife and outdoor experiences and hopefully theHunter: Call of the Wild will provide us with more of that platform for future development.

Also, the original game being more of a niche product with a steeper learning curve, I also feel strongly about making this new game accessible to a larger audience – without dumbing things down in the process. After all, hunting wild animals in real life is not easy, and I think this fact is at the very heart and soul of theHunter and what makes it both realistic and immersive.

I will refrain from even speculate on the twists and turns the future development of this game will take and I’m sure it will hold plenty of surprises for everyone involved: developers, players, fans and any other follower.

Thanks for playing!

Peter Johansson, Game Director