Respiração Profunda. Um Tiro.

A suprema experiência de caça

Disponível para PC, Xbox One e PlayStation®4


Experimente Caçar

theHunter: Call of the Wild oferece a mais imersiva experiência de caça já criada. Entre num belo mundo ao ar livre cheio de vida: de cervos majestosos e bisontes imponentes aos incontáveis pássaros, criaturas e insetos da imensidão.

Experimente o complexo comportamento animal, eventos climáticos dinâmicos, ciclos diurnos e noturnos completos, balística simulada, acústica altamente realista, aromas transmitidos por um sistema de vento completamente renovado e muito mais. Todos os sistemas operam juntos para elevar a imersão e trazer para fora o caçador que há em você.

Explore o Mundo ao Ar Livre

Explore 130 quilômetros quadrados de área variada, que vão de pantanais e florestas densas a vales exuberantes e campos agrícolas abertos. O vasto mundo de theHunter: Call of the Wild é dividido em reservas de caça separadas e distintas, cada uma cheia de surpresas e momentos memoráveis. Cada centímetro da imensidão foi produzido usando o Apex – Avalanche Open World Engine, uma tecnologia premiada criada durante uma década de desenvolvimento de explosivos jogos de ação.

Compartilhe as suas Experiências

Além da sua rica experiência de um jogador, theHunter: Call of the Wild oferece opções exclusivas para o modo multijogador. Junte-se a até 8 amigos (ou completos estranhos!) em modos cooperativos e competitivos. Desfrute de uma ampla variedade de desafios, missões e eventos in-game. A caça é mais gratificante e empolgante com os amigos. Então, compartilhe as suas experiências e ganhe aquele direito de se vangloriar.

Torne-se um Caçador

Adquira e equipe uma ampla gama de rifles, revólveres e arcos e personalize-os com miras e diferentes tipos de munição. Encontre e domine os seus favoritos. Desenvolva o seu personagem, desbloqueando várias habilidades e equipamentos. Aprenda a usar chamadores e aromas, mas acima de tudo, a estudar a sua presa: preste bastante atenção ao comportamento animal, a traços e padrões de movimento.


theHunter: Call of the Wild - Coming to Consoles in 2017!

março 27, 2017
Hello Hunters,   Today marks a special day for everyone here at Expansive Worlds and Avalanche...
Hello Hunters,   Today marks a special day for everyone here at Expansive Worlds and Avalanche Studios. We are very excited and proud to announce that we are working on theHunter: Call of the Wild for Xbox One and PlayStation 4! For the first time ever, players on consoles will be able to enjoy the ultimate hunting experience. To make sure their introduction to the wild is as smooth and enjoyable as it can be, we have created a dedicated in-house team to develop theHunter: Call of the Wild for consoles! The PC team will keep developing the version you’ve all been enjoying. We hope that bringing the wild to a larger audience will allow us to do even more cool stuff long-term. While we won’t be able to answer detailed questions about the console versions at this time, we look forward to sharing more concrete information, as well as the release date with you soon.   We hope that you are as excited about the news as we are. Let us know about it in the official discussion thread on the Steam boards.   Happy Hunting! theHunter: Call of the Wild Team

Announcing theHunter: Call of the Wild Release Date and Exclusive Items

janeiro 20, 2017
We’re excited to announce the release date for theHunter: Call of the Wild! The ultimate hunting experience will be available...
We’re excited to announce the release date for theHunter: Call of the Wild! The ultimate hunting experience will be available worldwide on February 16, 2017 for PC via Steam and select retailers. theHunter: Call of the Wild is the evolution of theHunter Classic, Expansive Worlds’ stand-out hunting game, with over 6 million registered players and 7 years of live operations. As a gesture of appreciation to our incredible community, theHunter Classic players will be able to redeem exclusive items in theHunter: Call of the Wild at no cost. All theHunter Classic players that have reached a Hunter Score of 50 or more, and/or have purchased a membership at any point, can redeem two exclusive items – the .270 Warden Rifle and the Dry Leaves Ghillie Suit. Likewise, players of theHunter: Call of the Wild will be awarded a unique weapon in theHunter: Classic, further underlining our commitment to let both games live alongside and complement each other. Both offers are exclusive and time limited. They will be available at launch and expire after the first 90 days post-launch (May 16, 2017) never to be offered again.

theHunter: Call of the Wild chronicles part 1: A flourishing world

dezembro 28, 2016
  Hello Hunters,   My name is Stefan and I’m the Community Manager for theHunter. Over the next...
  Hello Hunters,   My name is Stefan and I’m the Community Manager for theHunter. Over the next few weeks I’ll be meeting with some of the very talented people who are working on creating theHunter: Call of the Wild. Often, you only see the finished games once they are up on the shelves or on Steam - but what does it actually take to make a game of this scale, and who are the people involved? Today I met with Frida Thorén (3D Artist) to talk about environment and world design in theHunter: Call of the Wild. I hope you’ll enjoy it!     profile-pic-finished What's your name and your job on theHunter: Call of the Wild?   My name is Frida Thorén. I'm a 3D Artist, focused on environment and more specifically for this project, vegetation and terrain related work.   What made you want to become a game developer? A series of interests and hobbies I think. I've always enjoyed drawing and started studying art in school. At the same time I had an interest for the fantasy genre, in both books, games and movies. That interest led me into concept art. I found all of this awesome artwork from incredible concept artists and I wanted to be a part of creating these fantastic worlds. For me it has always been about the worlds, and as a game artist, working on environments, I get to create just that for other people to experience. It's just a perfect fit for me :)   How does an usual day look like for you on theHunter?   I'm mostly at my desk clicking away on some asset, adjusting the general distribution of vegetation in the game, or looking at reference images. It kind of depends on what stage in the project we are at. At the start there are usually a lot more meetings since this is when we need to get a good idea of the art direction, what we can and can't do and what tech we need. But towards the end of production the Art Department are clear on what needs to be done and then we all can just put our heads down and work individually, more or less.     What's your favorite thing about Hirschfelden?   The fall setting. I loved to work with such a rich color scheme and it gave us lots of good possibilities to create variation in the world.   What was the hardest part in creating Hirschfelden?   The fall setting. Yep it's true, it was both the best and hardest part from an art perspective in the production (if you ask me). As I said it gave us lots of opportunities to create variation and make the environment unique and memorable, but at the same time we had to make sure to visualize the reserve as a whole, ensuring that transitions between different areas of forests felt gradual and fluent, that colors between all vegetation would blend together nicely and of course that the whole picture felt just enough colorful for a fall setting, not overly bright in color but still not too dull.   [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="medium" ids="917,916,918,922"]   How does the creation process of such a vast map look like from a developer perspective - where does one even begin? Well, you have to break it down into parts, therefore it starts with a lot of planning. For example for Hirschfelden we looked at a lot of reference images to start with, to see what kind of vegetation would be appropriate for that specific landscape. Since it is an open world (and a huge one, at that) we also knew that we wanted a good deal of variation to keep the players interested. So we broke the vegetation down into a number of different forests, fields, meadows and so on. Ones we have those planned out it's good to set it all up in the game and this is one area where our engine really shines. It allows us to quickly spread forest, meadows and more over the world. As soon as all is in place, we can easily walk around in the game and see which areas work and which don't. After that it's all iteration, iteration, iteration.   On a scale from 1 - 10, how excited are you to launch Call of the Wild? Of course I am super excited about the launch of theHunter: Call of the Wild - 10!   If you could choose one superpower, what would it be? Flying, definitely! It would help me with my fear of airplanes. :P   Thanks a lot, Frida, for taking the time to give us some insight on your work, thoughts and inspirations. I’m sure I’ll look at some of the details with different eyes when roaming through the beautiful landscape of Hirschfelden in theHunter: Call of the Wild.   Cheers,   Stefan

Calling All Hunters

novembro 28, 2016
As a game developer with a long history of both playing and working with the original theHunter game, it’s very...
As a game developer with a long history of both playing and working with the original theHunter game, it’s very exciting (and admittedly, slightly nerve wracking) to finally get to reveal theHunter: Call of the Wild to the public.
I hope that this new game in the theHunter franchise will not replace, but rather expand and complement the original game. With that in mind, I have approached the sequel, next installment or, whatever you want to call it, with great care.
The first time I played the original theHunter was in early 2009, almost a whole year before I had the fortune – or stroke of luck – to join the company that made the game and continue development where a bunch of other people left off.
Working closely together with the community and its dedicated players has been an incredibly interesting, educating and humbling experience over the years. Hard and frustrating at times, but in the end worth every effort. It is my sincere hope that players of the original theHunter will also be able to enjoy this new game and appreciate its slightly different direction, content and purpose.
My motivation as Game Director on this project has been to expand and move the activity of hunting into a larger context to add even greater immersion to the end result. I have always felt that the world of the original theHunter could have contained even more in terms of wildlife and outdoor experiences and hopefully theHunter: Call of the Wild will provide us with more of that platform for future development.
Also, the original game being more of a niche product with a steeper learning curve, I also feel strongly about making this new game accessible to a larger audience – without dumbing things down in the process. After all, hunting wild animals in real life is not easy, and I think this fact is at the very heart and soul of theHunter and what makes it both realistic and immersive.
I will refrain from even speculate on the twists and turns the future development of this game will take and I’m sure it will hold plenty of surprises for everyone involved: developers, players, fans and any other follower.
Thanks for playing!
Peter Johansson, Game Director


theHunter: Call of the Wild - ATV SABER 4x4 Trailer
Layton Lake District hunting reserve trailer
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